10 Fun Facts About Gray & Bay Horse Co.

Posted by Jessica Hsu on

Hey Gorgeous, I can't believe we are launching in 24 hours! It's truly an exciting but nerve wracking time so I thought it would be fun to share some fun facts about us.

1) We are identical twin sister's from Vancouver, BC Canada

2) Our logo was actually sketched out 5 years ago but I felt a lack of resources to start a business so I put the idea away.

3) The logo actually came first, then the business name which we had a hard time coming up with.

4) Our Bay, Jimmy is a cribber!

5) Our first saddle actually cost more than what we paid for Jimmy (but to us, he's priceless)

6) We love documentaries, the weirder the better!

7) We love Country music!

8) As a reminder to myself to stay positive, I keep with me in my purse the original logo sketch I drew.

9) We started riding later than usual.  Our Dad got us into lessons when we were 12 years old.

10) We design and heat press everything ourselves

xoxo jessica

Gray & Bay Horse Co.

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