Our Story

Hey! Thank you for stopping by. I'm Jessica, co-creator of Gray & Bay Horse Co. which I own & operate with my twin sister, Jacqueline.
In 2016, I became a mother of 2 and have always dreamed of having my own business. Already having my hands full with 2 young kids, I thought - what a brilliant idea it would be to finally start this business!  After some research and a lot of youtube videos, I bought a heat press, designed a few prints and Gray & Bay Horse Co. was born - on the laundry room floor to be exact.
In 2017, our first collection was created - this consisted of a whopping design of... 4 t-shirts! hey, big dreams have to start somewhere right?! But in a short period of time, we grew and were shipping out orders to retail shops across Canada & the US as well reaching customers internationally. 
Although times have changed and I, thankfully no longer work on the laundry room floor, our top priority still remains the same - to offer unique pieces & awesome customer service.  
All of our pieces are designed & printed in Canada at the Gray & Bay Horse Co. office in Vancouver, BC Canada
The horses behind the name
    Eddie - Special Edition             Jimmy - Patience is a Virtue
    Hanoverian Gelding                  Thoroughbred Gelding
 PC:  Photos of Jimmy - Sofia Kuan Photography